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You should stop use OTC nasal sprays and Create your own “Breathe Jar”

Remove sinus congestion – create your own “Breathe Jar”

Have you ever used OTC nasal sprays when your sinuses have been filled? I have … and it was one of the worst events in my life! After several days of use from a bad cold, I stopped, because I felt better, and my stagnation returned twice as bad as when I started it! This is called the “rebound effect”, and you fall into the loop trap in which you need to breathe aerosol. I would like to know this before I started using the spray. I was so miserable! I will never use nose spray again.

Just what exactly do you need to do if you have significant congestion? You could go for over-the-counter pills or liquids that never seem to bring me any special benefit or you can try making your own simple jar of essential oils. You will wonder why you have ever used other things!

All you need to make your own jar of breath is some cotton balls and some essential oils.

How to cook a “jar of breath”

Place 1 to 3 cotton balls in a small jar (you must use a container that will put it on your nose).

Then add the following essential oils, dripping them directly onto cotton balls. These oils open and calm the tissues of the respiratory system and fight against airborne bacteria and viruses.

  • 15 drops of oregano
  • 15 drops of tea tree
  • 15 drops of mint
  • 15 drops of lemon

Cover with tight-fitting lid.

I decided to use a small 4 oz mason jar. If you use a smaller jar, just use fewer cotton balls.

How to use:

When sinus pain or congestion appears, open the cup, put it on your nose and inhale slowly and deeply. If your bank is large enough, you can put it on your nose and mouth, and the heat from your breathing will help produce oil vapors and increase the anti-edema effect.

Replace the cap securely. Repeat as necessary. Since the essential oils do not remain in your system for a long period of time, you can use the Breathe Jar can as often as necessary to keep your congestion under control. Some people even said that it helps with coughing.

Store in a cool dry place. If the smell starts to fade, add a few more drops of essential oil to return it in full force. I think you will be surprised how well this natural remedy works! In addition, it is much better than this.

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