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Diet & Fitness & Health Tips

If you can’t lose weight, we explain your reasons!

We explain the 6 Secret reasons why excess fat in your belly doesn’t melt

The reduction of fat in the abdomen does not only make the person look better! It also helps to have a healthy body. Excess fat in the abdomen can cause many serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. But unfortunately, getting rid of the fat in the abdomen is not that simple.

6 reasons you are not losing belly fat

If you have made a super-human effort to achieve the result you want, but your fats still don’t melt, there are some hidden reasons you might not know.

We have compiled these secret reasons for you that can help you fight against abdominal fat.

1. You don’t know what kind of belly you have…



If you are having difficulty melting your belly, it may be because you chose the wrong weight loss method. There are 5 types of abdominal obesity caused by different causes. These are the alcohol belly, the mother’s belly, the stress belly, the hormonal belly, and the swollen belly. Each of them requires a different diet and exercise. Therefore, it is important to determine your belly type and plan your weight loss accordingly.

2. You’re obsessed with your weight…

First of all, you have to give up your habit of constantly weighing. Obsession with weight can slow down the weight loss process. The results you will see on the scale each time are different from the results you expect. So you start judging yourself. This will upset your mood, create pressure on you, cause negative thoughts, and affect your mood negatively. As a result of all of this, you give up and try to stress by eating more. Therefore, it is healthier to use a weekly argument to get information and not to judge the numbers.

3. The wrong diet…



Our body needs elements such as vitamins, carbohydrates, and fats. If you neglect some of these beneficial ingredients, your diet may damage you more than it does. Eating only fruits and vegetables along with lots of ready-to-eat foods and lots of salt and sugar makes it difficult to lose weight. For this reason, it is important to stick to the diet plan and take adequate amounts of magnesium, healthy fats and other elements.

4. The exercises without variety…

Exercise is a great way to reduce fat. But you need to make sure it’s different. Each type of exercise affects a certain part of the body. For this reason, you should not only be charged with cardio or yawning. And high-intensity strength training, swimming, and even martial arts can be some of these types of. Also, do not think that sports are only done in the gym with equipment. You can do sports at home or on the street. Just try not to overload yourself, and do it by believing and committing yourself. But avoid hurting yourself.

5. Excessive stress…



Stress is bad for the whole body, but it especially affects weight. Along with the quality of the sport during the exercise, it affects your diet, emotional and physical condition. In addition, a high level of stress hormone increases fat formation. Therefore, consider all the possibilities to reduce stress. Try to relax more, get a hobby, or spend time with your friends. When you relax, you can move forward with new motivations for melting your belly with greater motivation.

6. High levels of androgens…

One of the last but most important reasons is polycystic ovary syndrome. This means that there is a high level of male hormone in the female body. In other words, menstrual cycle irregularities, diabetes risk, and pregnancy problems affect the organism functions such as. In addition to all this, it also affects weight gain. To find out the level of androgen in your body, you can ask a doctor to do the necessary tests.

why can not lose weight

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