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How to clean permanent marker stains

If your little children find joy by leaving footprints everywhere, find out how to get rid of them with simple solutions. Although it is called a permanent marker, it can be cleaned even if it reaches walls, carpets, furniture or floors.

Marker drawings on upholstery or other materials

Use alcohol, glass cleaner containing alcohol or acetone to remove stains on the sofa, upholstery or clothing. You can use acetone only on white clothes because it discolors for blankets or a sofa or you can use hairspray. Uses cleaning solutions in small quantities so that you do not apply marker stains and are easy to clean with cotton swabs.

Permanent marker on the walls

White walls are favorite for children when it comes to drawing. But traces, no matter how large, can be cleaned with a fixative or toothpaste. You can also use lemon juice to easily seal the drawings with a clean, preferably white, cloth.

Marker stains on wooden surfaces, flooring or furniture

If you find traces of a permanent marker on the furniture, regularly use toothpaste (not gel), white alcohol, or peanut butter. Remove stains with these simple solutions until all traces disappear. It would be better to check them out earlier for a very small portion, so make sure that you do not destroy the gloss or shade of the wood.

Marker spots on carpets

The simplest solution is to remove stains with alcohol, but you can also use hairspray. Try to gradually clean the stains with a small amount of alcohol to avoid damaging the color of the fiber.

Stain marker on glass

Paintings on a permanent marker on glass, mirrors or glass objects are best easy to clean with white toothpaste mixed with baking powder. If the glass is not treated with other solutions, such as lenses, whether or not colored, you can also use acetone.

Marker on monitors

The delicate surface of modern monitors, phones or tablets cannot be cleaned with anything if dirt has got on them using a permanent marker. Try baby wipes first and, if they are still not clean, try toothpaste. But be careful! Apply toothpaste on the stains and leave for a few minutes, then gently wipe with a soft microfiber cloth moistened with water.

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