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How to Add Volume Your Hair with One Natural Ingredient

Best Natural Ingredient for Volumize Your Hair

Today I will share with you very useful recipes. The topic of our conversation will be home remedies for hair volume.

Very often, girls and women using ordinary home remedies and masks according to folk recipes achieve shine and accelerated hair growth, but at the same time do not have the desired volume. It turns out that there are homemade hair masks aimed specifically at giving hair splendor and volume.

Recipe for hair volume No. 1 Mask with gelatin and mustard

6 teaspoons of warm or cold water will be required for one teaspoon of gelatin. The mixture should be left to swell for half an hour. Then the mixture must be put on fire until boiling. Add egg yolk and one teaspoon of dry mustard to the cooled gelatin. Apply the mask to the washed hair for 25 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.

Recipe for hair volume No. 2 Mask with cognac and sea salt

Another home remedy for hair volume is a mask based on cognac and sea salt, which is great for thin hair, quickly add volume and freshness. Such a mask must be prepared in advance.

One glass of sea salt will require one glass of honey and the same amount of cognac. All components must be mixed in a jar, covered and removed for 14 days in a dark place. The present mask should be applied to wet shampooed hair and at the same time wrap it with foil and a towel. The mask is washed off with warm water without using shampoo.

Recipe for hair volume No. 3 “Sweet” mask based on cocoa and cream

Another very effective remedy for hair volume is cocoa. Besides the fact that it has beneficial effects on the scalp, which also contributes to hair growth. Mix half a cup of kefir or cream with a teaspoon of insoluble and without the addition of real cocoa and one egg yolk.

Apply the mask to the entire length of the washed dry hair, starting from the roots. After the drying of the first layer, the second is applied, after which the hair is wrapped in a film and a towel. This mask lasts about 20 minutes, is also washed off without shampoo with warm water.

The mask is done in a course: if someone washes their hair daily, then the mask is best done daily, for those who wash their hair 2-3 times a week, the mask should also be done 2-3 times.


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