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Homemade eye anti-aging serum with two ingredients

Anti-Aging Serum Prepare at Home

Hey Guys!

This is my recipe for the DIY DMAE Spritzer. It’s very easy and it takes less than 5 minutes. And, it will look like this when you’re done.

Just make sure that you let it dissolve completely in the bottle or the container.

You can add the Aloe Vera and the glycerin first before you add the powder. Because you’re going to be stirring for a while. And, you’re still going to shake it every time.

You’ll be able to see whether or not it dissolves well and you want to make sure that it dissolves.

If it comes out a little gritty, you just need to shake it a little bit more or something. But, it will eventually dissolve. I hope you guys like it. Thanks, guys.

I’m just going to start with- 2 teaspoons of glycerin, and then I’m going to add- 2 teaspoons of DMAE- Bitartrate, and this is an active anti-aging ingredient. And just 2 teaspoons of that.

Then, I’m going to add 2 teaspoons of sterile water.

And, then we’re going to mix this, and, it’s going to get juicy because it’s going to be a spritzer.

But, that’s good because we want this DMAE to dissolve. So try to use this for at least two and a half hours after you make it. And, I make this fresh like every week because it is so simple. You could also double this recipe.

I use little bottles, you get from Walmart. And, every time you use it to make sure you shake the bottle well.

And, make it fresh every week.

I just use this in the morning before I use my serum or moisturizers, and, then I use it in the evening after I wash my face and my tone and stuff. Then, I use this before I add my thick cream.

It’s gonna get annoying how long you have to stir it, but results are being perfect for you. And, normally I would stir with a wooden thing. But, everything is sterile and clean.

Once you stir it, you’re going to add it to your bottle. And, that’s it, just shake it every time and spray it on your face whenever you want.

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