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My Experience about Under-Eye Filler Operation & You will find all the answers here

The experience of the Light Fill that I made to get rid of dark circles under eye that annoys me every time I see it

Beauty treatments are frequently preferred recently. Especially without a scalpel and knife applications are of course much more practical and easy for us. As a person who very attracts from the under-eye bruises, I wanted to convey to you my experience in the application of light filling. If you think about it, this article would be helpful.

What is under-eye light fill?

Under-eye light fill is contain beside cross-lined hyaluranic acid, non-crossedline hyaluranic acid, vitamin, mineral, amino acid.

Here is My Story begin about Light Filler

My eyes, unfortunately, contain light pits and dark circles. I know from my previous doctor checks that this is not intrinsically caused by any ailment.

First of all, I suggest you do these checks. Because the eye bruises may not always be a cause of aesthetic discomfort. The circulatory system disorders or the negative effects of your blood values can also manifest itself with the dark circles under your eyes. So first, make sure you have not an inner disturbance.

As someone who has used a lot of expensive creams, I can say that none of them have been able to completely remove my bruises. So I decided to try “fill the light” operation.

First of all, there is hesitation in my mind. The idea of a needle coming under your eyes doesn’t feel right. Especially if you have not done Botox applications before, you are very foreign to the subject. I have never had such an experience. But I’m getting used to this idea and I’ve knocked on the door of a doctor who’s a specialist.

Doctor selection is very important. I have researched a doctor who specializes in this subject and I have extended my practice. Don’t go to places where you can practice under the stairs to get three cents cheap.

If you’ve entered this path, you should get the better one. Your face, and more importantly, your health is at stake. In the meantime, let me introduce you, that needle you’re afraid of is this needle. It’s got a little tip.

According to my eye structure, the application, three sessions took place. Yours could be more or less. Your doctor will decide that.Especially if your eye pit is wide, the number of sessions can be more. I was very relieved by my doctor and the nurses in charge. That gives you confidence, of course.

Before applying a cream is applied under the eyes. This is necessary to relieve the pain of the needle.

They put on this cream for about 5 or 10 minutes in the clinic. Then your doctor will come to you with a needle in his hand; do not be afraid.

When that needle that you had just had a scary dream came in and out of your eyes, did you say, “is that it?” you might say; it doesn’t hurt that much.




Of course, the cream has an effect, but the doctor’s experience speaks here. I hardly felt any pain. In the meantime, you may feel the injected fluid under the skin. Five minutes later, you’re merging with it.

Where the injection is needed to apply the buffer immediately suppressed. There’s no bruising, and the injected fluid should not be collected.




After the doctor injected the nurses immediately applied tampons to the places where the injection was suppressed for a few minutes. So the bruises, one of the biggest risks of the light fill, never happened to me. A slight delay will cause bruises around your eyes.

From the first session, you can notice the change under your eyes.

Already in the first session, only you notice 🙂 when all the stages are completed, the pit part of your eye is partially filled. In the case of a bruise, a maximum of 30% can be recovered. So don’t expect a miracle.

When the holes around your eyes are filled, it becomes a reflection of light. That’s why it’s called a fancy filling.

When the filling is completed, people will say, “you have a beauty, but I can’t figure out what is there.” It’s not really understood, but the brightness on your face is not to be ignored.

Unfortunately, there is an end to every good thing: the light fill has a permanence of 8-12 months under your eyes.

If you did it one time, it’s life. I just take more time. For nearly a year until I used it. Do I get it done again? If I had a chance, I’d run right away. But I also know there won’t be any miracles.

After all, everything is money, friends. If you have money, it’s possible to make you feel better. Ups I forgot to say its fee, these days it is charge nearly $1000-$1500 and do not forget to search the specialist of the filler subject.

My experience under eye filler


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