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Dry your nail polish instantly

A home manicure may be a serious problem, especially when you have two left hands too. Besides that, you are unsuccessful to apply nail polish you see that you have dirt your fingers also and the drying time is also not less difficult.

Usually, those few moments you have to hold out for your nails to dry appear an eternity and then you need to do anything.

Afterward of the action, you will see with a sense of wonder that the nail polish is visually awful and you have to do it again. An additional torment, another fun!

Now we will show you how to obtain an excellent manicure at home, and you will not need to dirt your fingers 🙂

Also you will see how to dry the nail polish instantly.

You will need a few special items for fast dry nail polish trick. It’s regarding to the cooking spray, which usually can be found in some grocery stores, but as well on the Internet.


  • After applied the nail polish, you need to spray the cooking oil immediately.
  • You’ll see that it will certainly shape a skinny film which helps prevent impurities to get in touch with your manicure.
  • Also you should know that you can create your own spray if you could not find it in the market.
  • For make your own spray, you need a spray container, olive or cooking oil, coconut oil in combination with water.
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