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Can You Get Rid of Blackheads in One Day? Yes You Can!!!

End the blackheads with egg white and Sugar Mask! If you heard that the egg white and sugar mask treated the black spots, you are at the right address. With these two materials, which are always available in your home, you can remove black dots from the pores and have tighter pores.

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Before you go to mask recipe, let’s have a look at the benefits of this mask:

If you came by hearing that the skin mask made with egg whites and sugar treats the black spots, you are at the right place. With these two materials that are always present in your home, you can remove the black spots from the pores and have tighter pores. Before you go to the mask recipe, let’s take a look at the benefits of this mask:

Benefits of Egg White and Sugar Mask for Skin

It helps to tighten the skin.
The potassium in egg white moisturizes the skin and ensures the protection of moisture.
Removes excess oil on the skin surface.
It protects the skin’s natural color.
Egg white helps narrow the pores in oily skin.
Since egg whites are fighting bacteria, it has a preventive effect on acne formation.
The proteins in egg white fight the wrinkles by repairing and strengthening the tissues.


1 egg white
1 tablespoon sugar

How is it done?

Mix egg white and sugar.
Rub this mixture with your fingertips to focus on the black spots in your T-zone and cheek and forehead.
Wait 15-20 minutes after rubbing for a few minutes.
Rinse with warm water.

How often should it be done?

Apply twice or three times a week.

What does it do?

Egg white has the effect of firming the skin and removing excess oil from the pores. When combined with sugar, it acts as a peeling agent and removes dead cells and pores from the skin through friction.

Reviews of Egg Whites and Sugar Masks

Skin tightening is very obvious.
Some also say its cleaned his skin.
Those who apply the mask generally stated that their skin is softening.
They say that black dots are definitely reduced and their clarity is significantly reduced

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