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10 tips for long eyelashes

Regardless of how generous mother nature they would be with them, women always need long eyelashes, thick and curved, most often they use false eyelashes. And if you let them … grow?

Here are 10 guaranteed long eyelashes tips

1. Use Grandma’s trick. It is said that castor oil can stimulate growth and hair extensions even on eyelashes. But be careful how you apply it, because you can wake up with blurred vision. Use a clean brush with a thin end (from eyelids ink that you no longer use) and apply oil on the upper line of the eyelashes and on the lower part.

2. Try cosmetic petrolatum. Another home remedy is cosmetic petroleum jelly, which should be applied to the upper eyelid at bedtime. Not throughout the century, because you wake up with swollen eyes.

3. Break the capsule with vitamin E oil and rub the eye contour, insisting on the eyelashes.

4. Massage helps to stimulate hair follicles. As soon as you clean your face, massage the eyelash line to stimulate the growth of eyelashes in places of hair loss.

5. Cleaning can stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Buy one of these special brushes to separate the eyelashes and brush them every morning before applying mascara.

6. Never sleep with eyelashes at night. It begins to dehydrate soon after application, drying and becoming brittle and drying eyelashes (not to mention that it irritates the eyes). Use a makeup-resistant cleanser to quickly and effectively get rid of mascara on the eyelashes.

7. Use serum for the growth of eyelashes. You should look for a revolutionary serum that takes care of your eyelashes and, if properly applied, creates the effect of lengthening your eyelashes up to 25% in 12 weeks. These serums based on the active substance – bimatoprost – are effective for the growth of eyelashes, which has a positive effect on the length and thickness, increases the number of eyelashes, strengthens their health and the intensity of their natural color.

8. Pay attention to what you eat. Including junk food affects eyelashes. Eat more vegetables and raw fruits, nuts and seeds (healthy protein), and you will be less likely to use extension mascara.

9. Take vitamins. Biotin is a form of vitamin B needed for skin, hair, and nails, and is difficult to absorb from food. Take a dietary supplement biotin for at least three months, and you will notice the difference.

10. Stop using eyelash extensions. These extensions are attached to natural hair and often fall out with them, and the regeneration process takes a long time. It is better to use them only occasionally, but be sure that you gently clean your eyes after the party.

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